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Twins Abby & Elise standing with the 30kg of junkmail collected over a year by Ecomailbox.

At Ecomailbox we love making it easier for households and businesses to reduce waste and save.  

Ecomailbox is a New Zealand Aotearoa owned social enterprise. The journey began in 2012 when Charlene, passionate about sustainability, grew tired of continuously putting wads of junk mail straight into the recycling bin.

Charlene set out to research how much unwanted junk mail she was receiving in Auckland. She made stickers to distribute to a few streets around her neighbourhood to see if there was any interest from neighbours to reduce waste from unwanted circulars. On one street alone over 80% of  households put the sticker up! 

Over the course of the year, Charlene collected all the junk mail she received.  At the same time, Invercargill City Council was undertaking its own study into junk mail waste.  She discovered that on average 30kg of junk mail waste was being delivered to households per annum, with this statistic being consistent whether you lived in either Invercargill or in Auckland. 

Since then, Charlene has set out to make free mailbox stickers easily accessible to hundreds of thousands of homes across Aotearoa.

Thanks to supportive councils nationwide, households can reduce waste from unwanted circulars with our free mailbox stickers here or locate a local pick up spot in your community. Contact us via Facebook, Instagram or email hello@ecomailbox.co.nz to find a location for pick up near you. We are always looking for people to help distribute them to local areas.

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