Merge Cafe’s Socks for Souls Initiative

Article by: Eco Mailbox

Amongst all the quirk and flare of Auckland’s Karangahape Road, is Merge Cafe, a cafe with a mission to support those in need. Operated by the not-for-profit charity, Lifewise, they have created a unique space to bring together “those who are hungry and those who hunger to make a difference”.

Here’s a place you can have your caffeine fix, while doing good at the same time.

Recently, Lifewise Merge Cafe has launched  the Socks for Souls initiative, with support from the New Zealand menswear store, Barkers.

From the 27th of September- October 13th with every 3 coffees purchased at Lifewise Merge with the coffee card, they will donate a pair of Barker’s socks to a person in need.

For more information about Socks for Souls, checkout the Facebook event

Prior to Merge Cafe, the establishment was a well-known soup kitchen, serving over 40,000 meals a year to Auckland’s homeless people since 1885.

In 2010, Lifewise made the decision to shut the soups kitchen doors and try out a new approach. Merge cafe opened in its place, an innovative approach seeking to solve the problem rather than nurturing it.

There are a number of ways you can help, from the Socks for Soul initiate, and various pay it forward meal scheme.

Merge Cafe hopes to break the barriers of marginalisation, connecting and welcoming people of all backgrounds, regardless of their social or economic status.

Here at Ecomailbox, we love hearing about the contributions businesses are doing for the community.  ‘Good on Ya ‘ Lifewise Merge Cafe for your efforts in helping those in need.  Visit their website  Lifewise Merge Cafe for more info and ways you can support!


Kia Ora from Kmart. Online shopping is here.

Article by: Eco Mailbox

Kmart fans you can now shop from the comfort of your home anywhere in the country.

Kmart New Zealand’s online store launched earlier today just days before its newest store opens in Petone.

Clothing can only be ‘viewed’ but to start you can shop homewares, toys, baby merchandise, sporting goods, electronics and pet merchandise.

Take a look at its new website. As always, there’s lots of great finds.

Kmart are offering nationwide delivery between two and four days, and 28 day returns on all goods.

We’re happy to see as a major retailer both here and in Australia, Kmart is committed to an ethical sourcing programme, scoring a ‘B’ on the Ethical Fashion Report 2017.

Read more about the ethical sourcing programme here.

Nice one! Happy shopping.

Garden tips from Kings Plant Barn – Companion Plants

Article by: Eco Mailbox

Growing companion plants in and around your veggie garden is a great way to help keep your edible plants happy and healthy.

‘Repellent’ Plants

Plant them near your veggies to lesson the likelihood of pest incursions. These plants through various means (including smells and the secretion of chemicals into the soil) help ward off various insect pests.

Plants that help repel pests include: Chives, Marigolds, Leeks, Lemongrass, Onions, Garlic and Pyrethrum.

Top Companion Plants

Alliums (garlic, onions, leeks, etc.)


Aside from being essential in the Kitchen, the plants of the allium family help repel/distract slugs, snails, aphids and carrot flies and are good to plant around fruit trees, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, brassicas and carrots.



An attractive low growing honey scented plant. The white alyssum readily self seeds and fills up gaps in your garden. The plant draws in a wide range of beneficial insects including some that eat aphids.



Acts as an attractant for butterflies when it flowers, repels/distracts flies and mosquitoes, and also tastes great. It is a great herb to plant next to tomatoes for not only do they compliment each other taste-wise, but it is also believed to helps repel a variety of pests and diseases and improve the flavour of the tomatoes grown nearby/

Read the full article here for more tips

Christmas on a budget! Gifts $30 and under for kids

Article by: Eco Mailbox


NZ Blogger and Instagrammer Natasha from Wynter Designs has created a wish list of favourite children’s gifts that are $30 or under!

All by NZ brands we love. Visit the full article with her tips and recommendations and shop straight from her blog

Also take a peek at her beautiful collection at Wynter Designs

1.Mini Made 

Wooden Sling Shots ($30.00)

2. Arch and Co

Peggies retail from $15-20.

3. Thomas Pie

$14 each so you could get two pairs for under $30!

4. Hazy Prints Studio

They retail for $28.00.

5. Lapin and Wolf 

All prints are $10! Best time to stock up for gifts or just room decor – go check them out!

6. Fox + Lilly

Fox + Lilly have such a great range for children! They have so many items for under $30, like toy cameras ($22.00), leather crowns ($23.00), and of course the Snap Backs ($27.00).

7. Little Poppy P

These gorgeous feathers are my favorite and are just $30 each.

8. Jamie Kay

Each item is made out of a soft cotton/modal blend and they are all priced under $30.

9. Ecomonkey

Their “play dough” are Eco Friendly, and made with natural ingredients. Safe for the little ones in case they decide to eat it too!