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Almond Mylk 250ml *milk alternative makes 3L+* $12.75

Concentrate makes 3L or more of Almond Mylk (8.5%)
1 Year shelf life

Try this life altering, creamy goodness in your smoothies, coffee, cereal, pasta, or even creating your own ice cream: the list is endless!

This eco-friendly mylk concentrate is made with 100% stone ground almonds with no nasty flavors or preservatives and will fill your body with the essential nutrients it needs so you can live your best everyday.

Just add one tablespoon of Almond Mylk to 250mls of water and BLEND, SHAKE in a jar or FOAM with a steam wand!

For more ideas and recipes, check out our Vigour and Vitality Recipes page.

Nutrition Table: Please see bottle images

Variety: Prunus dulcis

Origin: Australia

Almonds grow best in climates with warm summers and wet winters. When the almonds have matured the shell splits, becomes dry, turns brown in color and are ready to be harvested.

Almonds are picked once a year, and take a few months to complete the whole harvest. During harvest time tarps are unfolded around each tree and placed underneath to catch falling almonds. When the tarps are in place, machines go from tree to tree, shake the almonds off into the tarps and then are sent to be cleaned.

When the almonds have been collected, they are scanned for contaminants, cleaned and sorted. After the almonds are cleaned they have an extremely long shelf life as long as the shell remains intact. The shells are removed before each shipment to ensure they are fresh when they arrive in our hands for processing and re-packaging.

Valid until Monday 30th of November 2020

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