A lot of people contact us about getting some scraps of Thunderpants for various uses. We would love to be able to sort through them all and give you all various bits and pieces BUT it is time consuming and costly in freight getting it all to our workroom. We are happy however to send bags out directly from our lovely sewing folk – if you pay for the freight you can have as many as available on a first come first served basis, contact us to order bulk.



Things to note:

*Courier delivery only – no Rural Delivery or PO Boxes

*We make underpants – so we have very small scraps and sometimes they are all the same colour/print.

*sometimes there are long bits (occasionally, not often), sometimes there are slightly bigger bits cut on a fold (again not always), sometimes the bag may contain only scraps of plain black or vanilla fabric (only occasionally), sometimes if we have just cut a print run a bag may contain only that print (more often than you would imagine), sometimes the scraps are a lovely mixture of shapes and prints (but to be honest it is quite rare).

*our bags are 10 – 30 kilos and the size of a small person, quite a lot of scraps in each bag then!

*our fabric is 90% organic cotton so it makes great garden ties and mulch that breaks down over time.

*makes great stuffing when cut up into even smaller pieces & and it is free from toxic chemicals so safe in kids toys etc.

*These bags are free – the cost is to cover the extra freight because these items are large, make sure you choose the correct delivery area in the drop down menu.

*North Island NZ delivery only

*Courier delivery only – no Rural Delivery or PO Boxes

Expired on Tuesday 31st of March 2020

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