Bumble Bee Nesting Box

Alongside Dr. Donovan, Creative Woodcraft has designed, developed and patented a nesting box that
has proven to provide an increased uptake rate in comparison to traditional nesting box designs.
During the last five years, Dr. Donovan’s research has shown our newly-developed nesting box to have
a 90 percent uptake rate – potentially three-times greater than that of the existing nesting boxes.


In New Zealand, the recorded uptake rate of the original nesting boxes have been approximately 30
percent, whereas in other countries, the uptake has been significantly lower.


Unlike the small diameter hole seen on the traditional nesting boxes, the new and improved nesting
box boasts a slotted front design, which enables far greater and easier access to the habitat – hence
the increased uptake percentage.


Positioning our newly-designed nesting box in close proximity to a live bumblebee colony (available
separately for purchase), will further encourage the emerging queens to take up residence in your new
nesting box – extending both the pollination window and benefits.


Placing our newly-designed nesting box, or boxes, in suitable locations around the garden will provide
a greater opportunity for searching bumblebee queens to take up residence in your garden.


Handmade from quality timber sourced from local, sustainable managed forest plantations.

Expired on Wednesday 31st of July 2019

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