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Introducing the Auckland Library of Tools!


Kia Ora Koutou,

I have exciting news, I’m starting a new project…The Auckland Library of Tools!

The Auckland tool library idea came about a few months ago at an event organised by Sustainable Future Collective at Auckland Uni. I was lucky enough to be invited to speak about my low waste lifestyle, and was amongst some inspiring panelists. My talk followed Ryan Dyment’s presentation about the Toronto Tool Library. I joked in my talk that we needed something similar in Auckland, as I had been borrowing tools to build my tiny house on wheels

I’m a huge fan of the sharing economy and community-based waste reduction initiatives. It’s been two years since I first set up the Community Fridge Auckland. I applied for the Love Food Hate Waste fund in September 2016, to set up the fridge as a 4-week trial. The fridge is still operating now, thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers. It’s pretty exciting how the fridge has thrived, raised discussions on food waste, the sharing economy, food accessibility, and homelessness. I have talked to all sorts of groups about setting up a Community Fridge; from schools to university students, to festival goers at WOMAD, and everything in between. There are now several Community Fridge’s across NZ, and even more Sharing Pantries!

And despite having built half a house, I don’t own any tools! I’ve been borrowing tools from my Grandad, friends, work, my friend’s work and so on. Thus, with my lack of tools, love of DIY and the sharing economy, starting a tool library seemed like a clear solution.

After floating the idea with Ryan and other like-minded people, it was clear now was the time to embrace collaborative consumption. We have the right networks, and motivation to make it happen, all we need are the resources to pull it off. Watch this space, we’ll be needing all the help we can get to start Auckland Library of Tools (ALoT)!

Auckland Library of Tools:

ALoT will be a community hub that provides access to tools and equipment, reduces unnecessary consumption, and empowers individuals and communities to build, share and create in a more sustainable way. 

ALoT will provide members access to high quality and well-maintained tools and equipment. The hub will consist of a well-stocked “library,” repair space, and, eventually, an associated makerspace where members can attend workshops, learn, collaborate, and share resources and ideas.

Opportunities and space for workshops will be provided; community projects and involvement will be encouraged. Whether you want to drill a hole, sew reusable bags or upcycle pallets into planters, ALoT can make it happen. ALoT will not be “just a room full of tools”, but rather, a community space centered on engagement, participation, and sustainable productivity.

ALoT will be run as a not-for-profit social enterprise. Members will pay a yearly subscription for access to tools, with subsidised/pro-bono rates available for students and beneficiaries. The library is for everyone.

If you want to keep up to date with ALoT, please give the Auckland Library of Tools a like and follow on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re keen to get involved you can either join our volunteer group or email us at aucklandtoollibrary@gmail.com.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the tool library (and consequently my tiny house build). I would love your support!

Aroha nui,


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