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Koru Fern Frond Garden Post

Koru fern frond garden post carved into macrocarpa and finished in a raised pattern in blue glass

Dimensions: H515mm W150mm D50mm

NOTE: Our artwork and signs are hand finished so each piece is one of a kind. Other versions of the same design in stock may have minor variations in the sizing, timber, colours etc. If your order comes through in a similar time frame to others for the same piece, we will offer you a similar one if we have one in stock, or we may be able to make a new one for you with the added benefit of small personal choice variations

Postage not included. Please contact us for shipping costs



DD Art & Design make woodart and signs from recycled timber and glass. We have products that are carved using a CNC router and then hand designed and finished.  We make a beautiful range of kiwiana coasters and pictures on tree rounds in this category. The protective coating used on our indoor products, where possible, is a New Zealand made and developed, hard oil that is solvent free and has a low VOC. Visit us on these Social Media shopping sites:

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