Needle and Nail

L – Wooden Toy Lawnmower / Walker


These Needle & Nail lawnmowers are an original design and handcrafted to the highest standard, from start to finish, by JR here at our home workshop.

With the continued intention of creating toys that engage the imagination without the aid of batteries, these lawnmowers feature:

-a spinning rotor blade – which spins regardless of the direction the mower is being pushed.

-a motor head that spins in unison with the rotor blade.

-a pull-start cord

– the all-important spark plug that can be pulled out and ‘checked’

Each mower is made from a combination of pine and native NZ timber for contrast.


Length (body only) : 320mm

Width : 220mm

Height (body only) : 265mm

Height (including handle) : 450mm

Expired on Tuesday 31st of March 2020

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