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Plastic Free Shopping

We are well into Plastic Free July, and you might be feeling comfortable with the simple swaps, such as Coffee Cups, straws and using your own carry bags. So, what’s next on the list… F O O D S H O P P I N G ! Food packaging is one of the biggest contributors to household waste and single-use plastics, so is a great place to start in reducing your waste.⁠


Try to avoid any produce wrapped in plastic. You can either go naked and load your loose veggies straight into your basket or trolley OR use whatever reusable bags you have on hand. If you have one locally, farmers markets are a great place to pick up package free fresh produce.⁠


Some food items need to be in some form of packaging, so try swapping plastic packaging for things in glass, tin or cardboard packaging, such as tomato sauce or spreads. Things like pasta can be found in carboards boxes with a small plastic window, which is a better alternative to a full plastic packaging. Be wary that some items in cardboard might have a plastic bag inside holding your food. ⁠


Hunt out your local bulk food store, grab whatever clean jars, containers or bags you have at home and head on over. Bulk food stores will tare the weight off your container before you fill them. You can also do this in some supermarket’s too, but not all have tare weight systems yet, so make sure you use lightweight bags. ⁠


Some supermarkets now let you take your own containers for your deli or meat needs, so grab whatever containers you have kicking around at home and get some package free meat! You can also check out your local butchery too, they tend to be more accepting of BYO containers. If your local supermarket or butcher doesn’t do BYO containers, you can ask to have your produce wrapped in just paper. Some farmers markets also offer deli foods which can often be picked up package free in your own containers.⁠

🍞 BREAD 🍞⁠

Grab a bag and head to your local supermarket or bakery for plastic free (and often freshly baked) bread… or pastries. Alternatively, you can make your own using bulk food ingredients.

Expired on Tuesday 31st of March 2020

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