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The Sushi

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THE SUSHI contains 

1 x freezer container
1 x snack & dip mini for soy sauce
1 pair of SS round chopsticks 19cm

This SS container is designed for takeaway sushi (Large could fit normal size 16pcs or large/deluxe 8-10pc, Medi could fit upto normal size 8-16 or large/deluxe 8pc )
OR of course, you can use it as a lunchbox, or freezer container!

* Freezer Safe
Stackable** No clips for easy stacking
* Quality to last for years:
Premium quality with sturdy construction using 100% food-grade stainless steel 304.
This product is free of BPA, lead, toxins, and harmful phthalates.
Say good-bye to those plastic freezer containers!

**They do not click stack together. Flat lids make easier to stack than rounded lids and clipped lids.

* Convenient size:
Large; 18 cm x 13cm, and 7.5cm in height, it can take 1300ml of food
Weight: 345g

Medi; 18 cm x 13cm, and 5cm in height, it can take 800ml of food

* Dishwasher safe:
Safely clean this container using a top rack in your dishwasher.
Not for use in the microwave.

Valid until Wednesday 30th of September 2020

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