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Turk Forged Iron Pan

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Essential in any professional kitchen and ideal on the camp fire, the turk wrought Iron Pan from Germany is sure to last many generations and only improve with use. The iron retains heat and is stronger and lighter than cast iron pans, they absorb the oils and flavours of meals past cooked. The welded iron handle makes the pan perfect to throw in the oven or over the campfire without any burnt handles. Available in 24cm and 28cm sizes (upper edge).

Care instructions

Like cast iron pans, a forged iron pan also requires seasoning before use. This is an absolute must to get the best use and life out of your pan. Each pan will come with instructions on how best to do this and chefs will often have their own methods. First wash the pan with soapy water to remove the protective coating that comes on the pan. This will be the last time you use soap on your pan.

Once the pan is clean and dry you can heat the pan up on the stove to remove all moisture. Then apply cooking oil to all parts of the pan before baking it at around 200 C for about an hour. You can reapply a thin coating of oil to the pan to keep it seasoned between use.

Take a look at our more in depth guide to seasoning your forged iron pan.

The Good

For every frying pan purchase $4 will be donated to Lihle through Just Peoples.

Lihle, a local woman from the tribal village of Kwa Shange in South Africa, has a big heart and a big vision. In Lihle’s village there are increasing numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children due to a high prevalence of HIV/Aids. At the same time many children die before the age of 2, so there is an urgent need for improved maternal healthcare. In 2006 Lihle set up education and maternity health programmes to address these two key issues her community faces and break the cycle of poverty.

Read more here.

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