For Non-Profits

You work for our communities and environment.

We want to work for you.

Ecomailbox wants to make it easy to be eco and support organisations that are working for our communities and environment. We want to talk about your campaigns, petitions and straight up goodness.

With our online mailbox profile we provide space to:

• Encourage, engage and sustain relationships between users and non profit organisations.

We have created our system to promote Non Profit Organisations through the following channels:

The Eco Cause category featured in a users Ecomailbox profile.This feature encourages users to select organisations in our communities they would like to support and be updated on

The Good on Ya page provides news about local companies, from the very small to the very big doing straight up good stuff. On this page you can find links to councils across the country, organisation’s petitions, campaigns and more.

Get started

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