Benefits for Companies

Ecomailbox is a game changing new service that replaces costly and wasteful advertising circulars.

The driving force behind Ecomailbox is to stop waste of declining resources and create a path for sustainable communications between retailers and customers.

Here are a few reasons why Ecomailbox is an eco solution for retailers and stores nationwide:

1 Real time deals


Ecomailbox’s unique system is organised to only display mail in real time. What this means is there is no back­log of unread deals, sales that no longer apply and no clutter in user’s email accounts. When users log into their Ecomailbox account, they only receive the most up-to-date information and can tailor it to their wants. Old deals and updates disappear when they expire. The key benefit here for your company is that our system provides you with a direct communication channel that is positive, fresh and environmentally sustainable.

2 Reduce your carbon foot print

“Junk mail” is called that for a reason. It belongs to a bygone era. An astounding amount of resources are used to create advertising material. We have the stats! As you know, consumers are more accessible online and our system provides the most attractive and convenient platform for communications. Customers are increasingly turning their backs on companies they see as not adjusting to changing times. Smart companies are finding new ways to communicate in an ecologically friendly way. Ecomailbox does just that.

3 Flexibility and opportunity

As a member of your company benefits from direct online presence, nationwide. Being a part of this exciting new platform for communications provides you the opportunity to engage your customers in a smart and convenient way while boosting your company’s growth. Ecomailbox is trailblazing the way forward in sustainable retailer-customer interactions. Be a part of this ground breaking platform and start using our system today.